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for electrical operations


Extended Local Interface.

ELI is used as an extension when a R-JB01-C or a E-ACT-C is installed in inaccessible location or if a direct hardwired interface is required. It is possible to have an alternative control post and/or hardwired interface to other equipments inputs like sensors, motor starter start/stop, general push buttons or outputs with free-contacts for lights, sound alarms and so on. This is a direct mode to connect a single R-JB01-C with other external devices (i.e. pumps processes whose starting, stopping or modulation are subjected to a valve position). Interfaces overcome by external systems as automation are therefore avoided. ELI is powered and bus connected directly to his R-JB01-C, via CROSS link logic distribution of power and bus. On ELI is installed a keyboard equal to R-JB01-C with its own control level priority

  • Fully complies with Rules regarding “Safe Return to Port” (IMO Circ. 1214).
  • Where any R-JB01-C is installed in inaccessible locations or for applications where emergency operation is required, or when a local hard wired interface is required. On ELI is installed the same keyboard found on R-JB-01-C they have the same priority level command.
  • ELI can be supplied in various configurations:
    • ELI standard is used to make an extension of the control and interface to make a hard wired through the input and output contained in ELI.
    • ELI-H (Fail Set), ELI-H-FC (Fail Close) or ELI-H-FO (Fail Open) are used to make an extension of electrical and hydraulic control for the emergency maneuvers, and to make a hard wired interface via the input and output contained in ELI-H. They are equipped with two quick connect couplings for the connection of the emergency manual pump.
Description Values
Power Supply 300 Vdc
Electronic Consumption 5 W
Operating ambient temperature +5 to +55 °C
Max. Ambient Temperature 70°C
Min. Ambient Temperature 5 °C
System Interface Redundant BUS RS 485
Local interface
  • Keyboard for local control
  • Wireless for service and maintenance
Digital Inputs Supervised 4
Digital Outputs 4
Enclosure IP68 (3 bar for 72 hours)
Hydraulic connection Are installed 1 cable gland for a cable diameter from 16 to 20.5 mm. and 3 caps.
Are also supplied 3 cable glands for a cable diameters from 16 to 20.5 mm and 4 accessories for cable diameters from 12.5 to 16 mm
Software update and config. with software MASSO IND MIST
Approvals IEC 60092-504 ED 3.0
IACS E10 Rev.5
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