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Conventional Remote Control Systems - hydraulic type


A real COST-EFFECTIVE solution for valves with oil pipes requirements and valves with elecrtic cable link that grants reduction of number of cabinets and oil pipelines saving.

Each cabinet drives up to 32/64 TAC-WP Traditional Actuator Control points IP 68 and Anti-shock approved + 64 E-ACT-C Electro hydraulic Actuators, IP 68 and FIRE SAFE approved.

  • SINGLE FAILURE: a single failure in either the hydraulic or electric side of HPU or HSVC mut not compromise the operation go the whole system. To comply with this model, all the critical installed components are redundant and monitored in their functionality.
  • TWO VOLUMETRIC OIL INDICATORS have been installed each valve to guarantee extra precision in the remote reading of its position but above all they prevents any problem related to false indication of the valve position even in case of failure of one o them.
  • OIL LEAKAGE DETECTION belongs to one of the amendments of the “International Convention for the prevention of Pollution from ships” and  “International Convention for the Safety of the Life at sea”. Any external oil leakage is monitored since any minimum dropping with warning that represent the name of the oil line to which belongs.
  • DRAINING OF HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS has being reduced to a minimum, guaranteeing accumulator loading for a long time, even in absence of electrical power supply. A solution called RPC (Reduced Pressure Consumption) has been developed to further reduce the total consumption of hydraulic oil pressure when there are no commands actives to the valves. This reduces the number of cyclical pumps intervention and increase the system life and security besides low maintenance costs.
  • STAND ALONE DESIGN for monitoring and command of any valve of the system independently from external hosts or top system because is equipped with FOX-ST70-SA GRAPHIC OPERATOR INTERFACES and FOX-ST70-ST PROGRAMMABLE AUTOMATION CONTROLLERS.
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