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Self contained micro class


Double acting type

SPU-DA-IP68 is multipurpose Self-contained oil micro Power Units for positioning, sensing and tasking of hydraulic double acting handling units. Executions selection between different pump capacities, pressures range assure any safety condition for automatic and immediate positioning in case of powers failures. Extremely compacts and suitable for configuration with direct analog or digital hall-effect FeedBacK Sensors ( FBKS ), VOLumetric OIL sensors ( VOLOIL ) or separated positioning units, they can be installed in any position to drive quarter turn or linear, single or double acting, hydraulic actuators or cylinders. SPU can be supplied as independent units or joined to an IP 68 and FIRE RESISTANT Junction Box ( E-ACT-C-JB ) as E-ACT-C field device to interact with Adaptive Distribute Control Systems - Cross link technology ( ADCS-C ).

  • Double acting executions
  • Compatible with any wuarter turn or linear actuator or cylinder
  • Installation granted in any possible position for oil tank filling and plugging
  • Suitable for direct FeedBacK Sensors (FBKS), VOLumetric OIL sensors (VOLOIL) or separated positioning units
  • Completed with double safety relief, oil speed regulator and double pilot check valves
Description Values
Power Supply 230 Vac 50-60 Hz
Electric motor consumption 400 W
Max Starting Current 2.3 A
Operating ambient temperature +5 to +55 °C
Max. Ambient Temperature 70°C
Min. Ambient Temperature 5 °C
Design pressure 150 bar
Max. working pressure 150 bar
Test Pressure 225 bar
Recommended Oil Mineral Oil HLP
Oil Viscosity Index ISO Grade 46
Oil Filtration ≤ 10 Micron
Approvals IEC 60092-504 ED 3.0
IACS E10 Rev.5
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